About Us

Shri Babulnath Bhakta Mandal was formed  five decades ago by prominent devotees of LORD SHIVA. They used to visit invariably every Monday, i.e. the day of LORD SHIVA and  played an  important role during the month of SHRAVAN and also on MAHA SHIVRATRI DAY. Late Shri Vasant Pandya was  the PRESIDENT of the MANDAL which was registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai No. 2442A (BOM) on 25th November,1959.

The Aim & Object was to improve the facilities for devotees, resolve the grievances by representation to management and trust board. The Mandal time and again  used its good offices with BMC & LOCAL POLICE for Cleanliness, Fogging (Mosquito Treatments),Garbage Clearance and additional Police Bandobast during auspicious SHRAVAN MONTH & MAHASHIVRATRI DAY for the benefit of the Devotees and Residents.

There were meetings  once or twice  a year as things were moving well as per the objective  however gradually interest among the group diminished as they were not having any power and many a time they could not satisfy the regular devotees. Many of the committee members become very old so Shri Kishore H. Kuvavala was unanimously appointed as the PRESIDENT of the MANDAL  and  a new committee of his members was formed.


As a President we have in very first meeting decided WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THE TEMPLE & WHAT WE CAN DO FOR DEVOTEES.                                                                                                                                        

We had a series of meetings with regular DEVOTEES of the TEMPLE and tried to to improve the facilities mainly BMC LEVEL i.e. DRAINAGE LEAKAGE at entrance ,clearance of GARBAGE of flowers and other materials which would otherwise stink if it is not removed and mosquito treatment during the auspicious month and that we could do with the help of Corporators & Ward Officers. This  has made this  a PERMANENT FACILITY from BMC.                                                          We could REPAIR OTLA at LORD GANESH with leveling and tiling work so devotees can rest after or before darshan.       The IDOLS next to the WELL under the BIG PEEPAL TREE  which were previously scattered were arranged in various compartments and  the whole area which was otherwise slippery  was tiled..


In the year 1993 Mumbai first time experience BOMB BLAST at various places of city and during that time Communal Hatred made Mumbai panicky and tense. HINDU AND MUSLIMS were killed & injured badly during the communal RIOTS in various parts of the city. All political party started peace march, meetings & MAHA AARTI by this people can gather and support each other in tense situation. Like others even I was to do Maha Aarti at Dhwarkadhis Temple next to the entrance of Shri Babulnath Temple motivating  the whole of AREA to participate in large numbers however  after knowing effects MAHA AARTI of different parts of city where riots were aggravated  after the programme that made us to  cancelled the ideaof MAHA AARTI. However other group did it at the same venue on that night I could not sleep for the whole night thinking what do for the benefit of community to keep them united permanently in the morning THE DIVINE SPARK

I got it giving indication & direction that I  should arrange BHAJAN during auspicious SHRAVAN MONTH AT SHRI BABULNATH TEMPLE. I am not from the MUSIC and  hardly know people of this field but kept on trying to contact via –media to find out how it can be arranged and with reasonable cost. In the year 1993 people quoted me Rs.25,000/ for one programme having two singers ,comparer and five musicians it would have been more of commercial EVENT  without elements of love, feeling & devotion. My hunt for the right person were kept on at last I met Shri Indukumar Joshi he is from MUSIC INDUSTRY he understood the concept and took me to  LATE P.P.SANT SHIROMANI  SHRI DULHA BHAGAT at C.P. TANK,RAM BAUG where he was doing his Chaturmaas  by having BHAJAN EVERYDAY he gave me BLESSING and said you will be able to ORGANIZED  BHAJAN PROGRAMME at SHRI BABULNATH and I will be PRESENT in that he also gave BLESSING that your organization and this event will be POPULAR ,UNIQUE EXEPTIONAL will serve yeomen’s service to society.

He introduce and directed  Shri Mahesh Chudasama  to give all possible HELP & SUPPORT for the organizing the BHAJANS. He tried his contacts  of singers & musician and made them agree to perform with just conveyance charges.

I was thinking as well as talking to like minded friends on what  day should organize the BHAJAN .After looking at various pros cons it was decided SATURDAY  after 9:00 P.M. onwards. I could arrange 4 sponsors for the events for out of pocket expenses. We prepared hand made POSTER ,zerox copy of hand written PAMPHLETS,DESI BAITHAK on MATTRESS and ORDINARY SOUND SYSTEM and with this we could do four programmes to our satisfaction.

Very next year SAGAR DECORATORS approach us render services of stage and other materials, PRAN RADIO’S for proper sound system, Printed Pamphlets,Back Drop Banner and to our surprise all the ARTIST REFUSES  to TAKE CONVEYANCE as they had a great SEASON after first year coming to SHRI BABULNATH for bhajans programme. Gujarati News Papers gave very good coverage to the EVENT that  multiplied DEVOTEES to witness the programme. We are proud that ours BHAJANS were  the FIRST PROGRAMME IN INDIA shown LIVE in the AREA on  CABLE NET WORK. Then onwards this concept started for all such events.We were doing BHAJAN from 9:00P.M. to 12.00 however one such programme SINGERS & DEVOTEE were in great mood which made programme last almost till 1:00 A.M. after packing it up  we were getting down we met group 10 to 12 members on enquiry they said they have come from BORIVALI and another 10 members said they are from MULUND and said will walk in the direction of respective places till first train come i. e. 4.00A.M. The said incident  gave a thought of whole night programme from very next event by adding two more singers in the LIST OF SINGERS  this made whole night event enjoyed & PATRONIZE by RICH,POOR,All section of Society. This arrangement went on quite well for number of years,LORD SHIVA DEVOTEES at temple as well as on their TV set enjoyed longest EVENTS of BHAJAN to their utmost satisfaction. However after serial BOMB BLAST S in trains we have to make usual timing of programmes i.e. 5:00P.M. onwards.


  • Food Vendors  were doing whole night business in number of thickly populated AREAS.
  • At Babulnath Temple PAAN & BIDI shops were doing business whole night.
  • All parents and SENIOR MEMBERS of FAMILY used make deals with children about viewing BHAJANS PROGRAMME on SATURDAY.
  • Very old SENIORS used put ALARM of 3:00A.M. to have DARSHAN of LORD SHIVA of ABHISHEK.
  • Many DEVOTEES used come from different places of GUJARAT on Saturday evening to the BHAJAN  and were directly going  to the Mumbai Central after the PROGRAMME.
  • Babulnath compound and road were full of BICYCLE used by small business people i.e. zerox, stationery, retail vendors of South Mumbai.
  • Those who were not called for the performance at  Shri Babulnath for the programme they used to feel dejected for not being called.


  • All the DEVOTEES attending BHAJAN SANDHYA were sitting whole night in one position without water or bathroom as there were all the possibility they may lose the place. Continuously  sitting for more than seven hours with folded legs in one position for Mumbaiates is more than miracle.
  • Number of time PERSON to PLAY TABLA or to carry  HARMONIAM not turned up for the programme  we have replacement by not invited musician with the talent and  instruments present  in time for the Bhajan
  • Singers who are listed on particular day may not come but replaced by identical or better singer to bridge the GAP.
  • About seven years before there were no rain in most of the parts of Maharashtra & India we made announcement through PRINT MEDIA that our NEXT (LAST) programme will be for GOD OF RAIN ( VARUN DEVTA) all the singers after their performance will CHANT OHM NAMAH SIVAYA for ONE  MINUTE and all the DEVOTEES present in BHAJAN and all the viewers watching on CABLE NET WORK will chant together this become in millions JAPS in one minute as you can chant more than 60 multiplied by about more than 800 devotees present multiplied by lakhs of devotees from home so this become more than any YAGNA and believe me my first artist were Shri Ashit Deasi the moment he started all the clouds developed and there were HEAVY RAIN continue till morning and that went on for WHOLE WEEK wiping out deficit of rain.
  • Most of my ARTIST gets bigger contract after singing at BABULNATH.
  • Last year we had 64 SINGERS and 67 MUSICIANS perform in just four programmes.
  • This the only PLACE where all the ARTISTS are first devotee /spectators than become Artists when their turn comes.

Since last five years we have been doing BHAJAN SANDHYA on every FRIDAY and SINGERS from Gujarati,Marathi,Punjabi,Himachal Pradesh and NORTH INDIA come in large number makes the BHAJAN PROGRAMMES for whole of Mumbai irrespective of CASTE & RELIGION. Last we had 64 SINGERS &67 MUSICIAN performed at SHRI BABULNATH with just the CONSIDERATION of LORD’S SHIVA BLESSING.

Shri KISHORE  H. KUVAVALA  and his FAMILY along with COMMITTEE members makes marathon efforts for the SUCCESS of programmes for more than MONTH every year.The Gujarati & Hindi Print Media also play very important role during entire EVENTS all throughout.